Billy McOwen

About Billy McOwen:

William “Billy” McOwen comes to Mossy Oak Properties/Harrell and Associates with over 25 years of sales experience. Like many of the original Mossy Oak sales team, Billy cut his teeth burning shoe leather. He believes that an honest, more traditional face-to-face approach is the best way to build relationships and trust with customers and clients. Billy holds a NC General Contractors License, has years of experience in the renovation of historic homes and can assist in and manage all facets of land, home or lodge improvements. Billy’s passion for learning new and innovative approaches to marketing will allow the Mossy Oak Properties/Harrell and Associates team to utilize all the latest technology in promoting your property and ensure it receives maximum market exposure. Billy’s “old school” background coupled with his passion for learning will drive the Mossy Oak Properties/Harrell and Associates team to continually evolve with the changes in the market all while maintaining the important personal connection to the client and the land.

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