Land - alternative energy

Land - alternative energy

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Alternative energy comprises a wide range of sources of power.  Generally "alternative" refers to any type of energy that is not oil or natural gas based power. For example, hydro-electric, solar and wind power are the most common. However, other forms of alternative energy also exist.  In the 19th century, water-powered mills provided much of the power for factories; wheels turning gears provided mechanical motion for factory machines.

Land that is classified as "alterative energy" may be already providing wind or solar power or the seller or owner believes the land has potential to provide these benefits.

Other forms of alternative energy are geo-thermal, tidal and the production of alternative fuels such as alchohol and methane.

We began our "alternative energy" category a few moons back to respond to the growing interest in listing the energy resources - or potential - of a variety of property. Many sellers were noting the presence of minerals, or natural gas on their property. Increasingly, properties are being considered for wind-farming, solar arrays, even geo-thermal drilling. Quite a few properties dotting the Midwest come with free natural gas - not strictly alternative but worth noting - , although that may not be the biggest selling point. Of course, the rare property that comes with hydro-power is appropriate for this category as well.

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