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1. eBAY Index: Private Lake On Block
2. Family Ties Don't Always Bind
3. Vietnam Rebuilding Forests
4. Review Your Print Ads Online!
5. Beetles Buzz BC
6. Will MN Become OH?
7. The War of Winds
8. Better Milk Cows Keep Dairies Open in VA
9. Recent Properties

 eBAY Index: Private Lake On Block

   As of March 22, 2006, eBay Land offered 1871 properties, being sold via auction and directly.

Of these properties, 1332 items were being sold via auction. These included a 400-acre tract in the Muskoka region of Ontario, including West Buck Lake, with a bid of $2.1 million, and 4 days-plus left on the auction. Low-priced properties included a lot of unspecified acreage on Old Route 66 along Interstate 40 on the Little Colorado Plateau of AZ, with a starting bid of $0.99, and 8 days left on the auction.

Being sold directly were 277 items. These included higher-priced properties such as a 1,720-acre horse and cattle ranch in Green Forest, AR, priced at $4.5 million. Lower-priced properties included unspecified acreage in Grouse Creek, UT, hunt, camp and fish lots, for $385.

The eBay Land Index is featured on, and sometimes in Rural Property Bulletin. It is produced by RPB Media. Please also see the latest eBay land auctions.

 Family Ties Don't Always Bind

   Only 30 percent of the nation's 2.1 million farms will pass to a second generation, and less than 10 percent will
reach a third, said Kevin Spafford, a Chico financial planner who recently published a guide to successful farm succession titled "Legacy by Design," according to a Scripps-Howard wire report.

California's $31.8 billion farm sector is feeling this pressure where third-, fourth-or even fifth-generation farmers work its fields As the state's multigenerational farms feel sustained pressure from low-price global competitors and increasing temptations to sell to suburban homebuilders, successfully transferring its 76,500 farms toward a new generation is key to the nation's food production and the state's export economy, the report said.

Nationally, millions of acres of farmland are due for transition, statistics indicate. The U.S. Department of Agriculture reports that the average U.S. farmer is increasingly older, 55.3 years old today, compared with 50.3 in 1978. California farmers are even older, reaching an average age of 56.8, according to USDA figures. Sebastopol-based California FarmLink, which helps match aging farmers with potential successors, said nearly three of every 10 California farmers are older than 65, according to the report.

 Vietnam Rebuilding Forests

   As Indonesian forests continue to be decimated by illegal logging, some Asian countries are attempting to reverse the trend and create badly needed capital at the same time. Viet Nam is striving to sustainably develop 14.3 million hectares of forests by 2020, said a government in official in Hanoi recently. Under the strategy that will be submitted to the National Assembly and the Government for approval, the country plans to develop 4 million hectares of natural production forests which will supply 45 million cubic meters of timber and wood per year and bring about $4 billion in export revenues. Around 30 percent of production forests are expected to meet international standards.

Under the ministry's plan for forest land allocation and lease, the State-run economic sector will be in charge of around 8 million hectares of forests, of which 85 percent are special use forests, 70 percent are protective forests and 25 percent are production forests. Farmer families and cooperatives will manage about 8 million hectare of forests, of which 75 percent are production forests, 30 percent are protective forests and 15 percent are special use forests. Since early this year, localities have zoned off protective, special use and production forests for economic development, ecological protection and tourism purposes. They plan to turn 3 million hectare of protective forests into production forests.

 Review Your Print Ads Online!

   It's here: an easy way to see what your FREE print ad will look like while you're online. As many of you know, we provide online advertisers a free ad in Rural Property Bulletin, our monthly mag.

We can't believe we introduced yet another freebie feature to our already burgeoning control panel for advertisers, but we did! This one makes it easy; after you've purchased and created an ad online, to see what that print ad looks like in the pages of our 100-pages-+ ultimate land directory, Rural Property Bulletin, just go back to your account summary. There, you'll see a link that says, "RPB Classified Ad Review" Click it, and pull up a PDF of your print ad. If you need to change it, close out of the PDF, and then find the "Edit" link in our account summary, near your ad. make your changes. Rinse. Repeat.

Got print? Sure you do.

 Beetles Buzz BC

   Millions of acres of Canada's lush green forests are dying. A voracious beetle, whose population has exploded with the warming climate, is killing more trees than wildfires or logging. The mountain pine beetle has devastated swaths of lodgepole pines, reshaping the future of the forest and the communities in it. "It's pretty gut-wrenching," said Allan Carroll, a research scientist at the Pacific Forestry Centre in Victoria, B.C., whose studies tracked a lock step between warmer winters and the spread of the beetle.

Scientists fear the beetle will cross the Rocky Mountains and sweep across the northern continent into areas where it used to be killed by severe cold but where winters now are comparatively mild. Officials in neighboring Alberta are setting fires and traps and felling thousands of trees in an attempt to keep the beetle at bay. So far, U.S. officials say, the outbreaks have been mostly in isolated clumps of remote wilderness in northern Washington.

 Will MN Become OH?

   Minnesota's shifting climate is having an effect on its forests, with red maples encroaching up north and more pests invading in the southern part of the state, according to tree experts. A University of Minnesota expert says his 18 years of studing Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness shows winters are milder and summers, bring red maple these parts, where cold would have limited the tree from growing there before.

Lee Frelich said the wetter summers have kept wildfires in check, giving the red maple a chance to flourish, but limited northern pine reproduction. If things stay this way, he says, this area will begin to look like Ohio, with walnut, poplar and sycamore. If the climate becomes drier, the forests will retreat and the landscape will look similar to the grassland around Omaha, NE. White birch loggers are having trouble growing that northern species. And apple farmers in MN report more pests, because colder winters usually keep the pest population under control.

 The War of Winds

   Lots of hot air is being generated over wind farms in the U.S. and around the world. Do you live near one now? You may be in the future. Would you trade lower or stable energy costs for living near a big wind farm or letting one into a scenic area, or into your view-path? And will wind-energy actually make a dent in renewable energy sourcing? Could rate-payers be over-investing in underperforming wind-energy schemes? These are some of the questions landowners worldwide are facing. Two major wind farm debates - one in Scotland and the other in Massachusetts - continue to create controversy and confusion.

In Scotland, Renewable Energy Systems and many companies have developed, or are developing, wind energy sites; however, much opposition to these developments has coalesced around issues ranging from unsightliness, to lack of efficiency versus investment, to shipping and fishing hazards. Several projects have passed hurdles to come online, but a number are tied up while debate rages. In Massachusetts, Cape Wind's proposed wind-farm off Cape Cod has passed over most objections, but it remains contentious and whether it will be built is still a question mark.

Meanwhile, the U.S. government continues to fund some level of research into the field, although critics say fossil-fuel subsidies are much larger. Will your land be worth more if you have to pay less for energy to inhabit or farm it? Or would be it be worth less with a huge turbine towering over it? Watch this space as we explore the issue.

 Better Milk Cows Keep Dairies Open in VA

   While dairy farm numbers drop in Virginia, fewer cows are producing more milk. Better genetics is helping milk production, while the state is working to promote dairy farming in Southside Virginia, an area less under development pressures. There are less than 1000 Grade A dairy farms, according to state officials. Smaller farms and older farmers are having a hard time meeting higher expenses, and regulatory costs are increasing those expenses.

While dairy farmers continue to retire or sell their farms, many are replaced by their children or their land is absorbed into existing dairy operations. And there are efforts to recruit new producers in parts of the state where development pressures are low and agriculture traditionally has been a strong industry. Successful dairy farms or those that have opened recently are more modern and larger, ag officials noted.  Virginia dairy producers are seeking a variety of other income streams to keep their land agricultural, including custom grazing, organic production, direct marketing and off-farm employment, they said.

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Cherokee County Horse Farm (horse farm) 5 acres.
Ball Ground, Georgia
New Construction Dawson County (horse farm) 5 acres.
177 Acres (undeveloped land) 177 acres.
Plymouth, New York
Lake Arrowhead Horse Farm (horse farm) 6 acres.
Historic Horse Farm (horse farm) 125 acres.
Freehome Mini Horse Farm (horse farm) 5 acres.
8 Acre Horse Farm (horse farm) 8 acres.
Taylorsville, Georgia
82 Acres Prime Hunting Land (hunting property) 83 acres.
Pepin, Wisconsin
Gentlemans''s Horse Farm (horse farm) 8 acres.
Franktown, Virginia
Ranch Style Home With 18 Acres (residential land) 18 acres.
Pratt, Kansas
655 Acres McHenry County (hunting property) 655 acres.
Drake, North Dakota
25 Acre Equestrian Estate (horse farm) 25 acres.
Ball Ground, Georgia
125 Acres Buffalo Co. (hunting property) 125 acres.
Mondovi, Wisconsin
Ranch Style Home With 10 Acres (residential land) 10 acres.
Pratt, Kansas
Rose Cottage (historic) 60 acres.
Crawford, New York
Historical Home With Pool (residential land)
Pratt, Kansas
160 Acres Strege Township (row crops) 160 acres.
Drake, North Dakota
5 Acre Pasture Tracts (pasture) 5 acres.
100 Acre Wooded Paradise (hunting property) 100 acres.
Plum City, Wisconsin
76 Acre Farm Unlimited Free Ga (livestock operation) 76 acres.
Looneyville, West Virginia
20 Acres Southern Utah (recreational property) 20 acres.
Cedar City, Utah
Country Living  (horse farm) 112 acres.
Columbia, Tennessee
Custom Built (horse farm) 17 acres.
Columbia, Tennessee
Location (commercial land) 10 acres.
Columbia, Tennessee
Land In Culleoka (undeveloped land) 38 acres.
culleoka, Tennessee
Build Your Dream (undeveloped land) 12 acres.
culleoka, Tennessee
West Virginia Paradise (hunting property) 214 acres.
West Virginia
Ready To Build  (undeveloped land) 6 acres.
culleoka, Tennessee
Troop Place (residential land) 1 acre.
Columbia, Tennessee
Down Town (commercial land)
Columbia, Tennessee
31 South  (residential land) 5 acres.
Columbia, Tennessee
A And F Properties (residential land)
Columbia, Tennessee
Benchmark Farm Ranch (horse farm) 325 acres.
Black Rock , Arkansas
Southern Utah Home 1997 (residential land)
Gwinnett Estate Lots  (residential land) 6 acres.
Dacula, Georgia
120 Acres Near Charlottesville (pasture) 120 acres.
Shipman, Virginia
Stunninglakefront Contemporary (waterfront) 10 acres.
Stamford, NY, New York
14.26 Acres In East Tennessee (residential land) 14 acres.
Oliver Springs, Tennessee
112 Ac. Hunter's Paradise (hunting property) 112 acres.
Wishing For A Cattle Farm (pasture) 213 acres.
40 Acres Putnam County (undeveloped land) 40 acres.
near Keystone Heights, Florida
Home Away From Home (hunting property) 35 acres.
Canon City, Colorado
Magical Mtns and Mystical Canyons (hunting property) 35 acres.
Canon City, Colorado
EXPLORE YOUR WILDSIDE (hunting property) 35 acres.
Canon City, Colorado
Mountain Livin, City Close (residential land) 36 acres.
Florence, Colorado
Home On The Range! (hunting property) 223 acres.
Canon City, Colorado
Bring the Binoculars (hunting property) 53 acres.
Canon City, Colorado
Welcome Home! (hunting property) 35 acres.
Canon City, Colorado
UNTAMED WILDERNESS! (hunting property) 137 acres.
Canon City, Colorado
Canyon Springs Ranch #39! (hunting property) 35 acres.
Canon City, Colorado
Just A Lil Bit OCountry (hunting property) 35 acres.
Florence, Colorado
Almost Heaven! (hunting property) 35 acres.
Canon City, Colorado
Best Kept Secret (hunting property) 35 acres.
Canon City, Colorado
Colorao Romance (hunting property) 39 acres.
Canon City, Colorado
Your Dream House Is Now Here (residential land)
Jasper, Tennessee
Private Playground! (hunting property) 38 acres.
Florence, Colorado
Off Line In The Rockies! (hunting property) 116 acres.
Canon City, Colorado
Quite Possibly The Perfect MTN Setting (hunting property) 35 acres.
Canon City, Colorado
Where Spirits Soar! (hunting property) 35 acres.
Canon City, Colorado
Heavens Masterpiece! (hunting property) 52 acres.
Canon City, Colorado
Wildlife Filled Woods (hunting property) 37 acres.
Canon City, Colorado
Bring Your sense of Discovery (hunting property) 35 acres.
Canon City, Colorado
King Of The Mountain! (hunting property) 35 acres.
Canon City, Colorado
0.25 Acre Lots North Port Fl (residential land)
118 Acres Hamilton County (residential land) 118 acres.
Horse Lover's Dream (horse farm) 14 acres.
Akron, Indiana
Heart Of Colorado (residential land)
Salida/Poncha Springs, Colorado
Perfect Marriage of Farm & Home (horse farm) 123 acres.
Unadilla, New York
100 Acre Retreat (residential land) 100 acres.
New York
Historic Home In Edgefield (historic)
Edgefield, South Carolina
Mini Farm In Tennessee (horse farm) 40 acres.
Centerville, Tennessee
The Bolen Estate (residential land) 125 acres.
Blackville, South Carolina
10 Ac Steeplechase Equ. Sub (horse farm) 10 acres.
Aiken, South Carolina
40 Acres Mostly Wooded (undeveloped land) 41 acres.
Windsor, South Carolina
49 Ac And Mobile (residential land) 49 acres.
Eureka, South Carolina
67 Acres Partially Cleared (residential land) 67 acres.
Aiken, South Carolina
20 Acres Edgefield County (undeveloped land) 20 acres.
Trenton/Edgefield, South Carolina
Central Alabama (forest - natural) 880 acres.
This Old House Victorian (historic) 41 acres.
New York
Scenic Middle TN Farmhouse/Land (pasture) 44 acres.
Gainesboro, Tennessee
Hardeman Mill Road (pasture) 20 acres.
Bostwick, Georgia
Home On The Mountain (residential land)
Spencer, Tennessee
Real Estate Auction (commercial land) 640 acres.
200 Private Beautiful Acres  (hunting property) 200 acres.
Denver, Missouri
Magnificent View  (waterfront) 5 acres.
Kimball, Tennessee
Start Your Own Business (commercial land)
South Pittsburg, Tennessee
Restored Historic Home (horse farm) 28 acres.
Mt Vision, New York
Hunters Paradise (hunting property) 50 acres.
LaPlata, Missouri
100 Ac Hunting Land Ga (hunting property) 100 acres.
Americus, Georgia
66 Ac Equestrian Estate  (horse farm) 66 acres.
Aiken, South Carolina
Mountain Chalet (residential land) 8 acres.
Sparta, Tennessee
Family Farm For Sale (dairy farm) 34 acres.
New York
Dairy Farm Rama Nicaragua 
Bluefields, , Nicaragua
556 Acres Grass Land (pasture) 556 acres.
Crocker, South Dakota
183 Wooded Acres Middle Tn (horse farm) 183 acres.
20.9 Acres W Creek Middle Tn (forest - natural) 21 acres.
Monteagle Heights (undeveloped land) 1,935 acres.
Monteagle, Tennessee
View Of Nickajack Lake (residential land) 14 acres.
Jasper, Tennessee
Starter Or Retirement Home (residential land)
South Pittsburg, Tennessee
Great Opportunity (residential land) 32 acres.
Madison, Indiana
Great Commercial Property (commercial land)
South Pittsburg, Tennessee
Possible Development (residential land) 34 acres.
Jasper, Tennessee
Rocky Creek Getaway (residential land) 75 acres.
Dublin, Georgia
108acres Timber Log Home I (recreational property) 108 acres.
Hillsboro, Illinois
Equestrian Horse Farm For Sale (horse farm) 8 acres.
Jackson, New Jersey
40 Ac. Jackson County Oaks  (forest - natural) 40 acres.
Marianna, Florida
Waterfront (waterfront) 6 acres.
Kimball, Tennessee
121 Acres In Middle Tn (forest - natural) 121 acres.
Great Location (commercial land)
Jasper, Tennessee
Oregon Vineyard 1000acres (vineyard) 1,062 acres.
McMinville, Oregon
5 Wooded Acres Giles Co. Tn (forest - natural) 5 acres.
Choice Affordable Acreage (residential land) 3 acres.
Holbrook, Nebraska
Hunter's Paradise (recreational property) 227 acres.
Winnsboro, South Carolina
FL Country Ranchet 7.5 Ac (residential land) 8 acres.
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida
Hewn Log Cabin 23 Acres (pasture) 23 acres.
West Virginia
Gorgeous View Of Several Mts (residential land) 40 acres.
Ideal Acreage (residential land) 50 acres.
South Pittsburg, Tennessee
Hunting Property In Se Kansas (hunting property) 200 acres.
Fulton, Kansas
Bartow County/Perfect Property (pasture) 48 acres.
Kingston, Georgia
Residential Pond Lot (residential land) 5 acres.
Ne Ky 10 Acres Owner Financing (residential land) 10 acres.
Wallingford, Kentucky
Kentucky Land (residential land) 34 acres.
Ne Ky 11.75 A Owner Financing  (residential land) 12 acres.
Wallingford, Kentucky
250 Acres On Kickapoo River (recreational property) 250 acres.
Viola, Wisconsin
Old Georgia Farm (hunting property) 290 acres.
Farming Or Hunting Land (dairy farm) 155 acres.
Nolin Lakefront home (waterfront) 1 acre.
Cub Run, Kentucky
Water Front Home (waterfront) 4 acres.
Heathsville, Virginia
Auction April 14 (residential land) 561 acres.
Virginia Horse Lovers Paradise 
Keysville, Virginia
Custom Build Log Home 25 Acres (residential land) 25 acres.
Palestine, West Virginia
Horse Farm For Sale Central Fl (horse farm) 11 acres.
sorrento, Florida
Wooded And A Creek (residential land) 8 acres.
Hilham, Tennessee
Bar Th Ranch 
Alberta, Canada
Hudson Valley Estate (commercial land) 7 acres.
Thompson Ridge, New York
Breeder Hen Poultry Farm (poultry farm) 5 acres.
Prospect, Tennessee
Plantation Homestead (residential land) 118 acres.
West Point, Tennessee
Waterfront Industrial Site (commercial land) 735 acres.
Courtland, Alabama
Home On 5 Acres (pasture) 5 acres.
Oak Hill, Florida
265 Secluded Wooded Acres (recreational property) 265 acres.
10 Acre Horse Farm Sw Florida (horse farm) 10 acres.
Estero, Florida
Awesome 20 Acre Lake View Farm (recreational property) 20 acres.
Gainesboro, Tennessee
Acreage (horse farm) 12 acres.
Oronoco, Minnesota
Hunting Land For Sale (hunting property) 37 acres.
Waverly, Tennessee
Lake City Florida Lot (residential land)
Lake City, Florida
Bartow County Mini Farm (pasture) 15 acres.
Kingston, Georgia
Charming Offroad Farm (livestock operation) 117 acres.
New York
Valley Of The Falls (waterfront) 61 acres.
Gainesboro, Tennessee
Vance Farm (hunting property) 44 acres.
Flintstone, Maryland
Additional Acreage (undeveloped land) 40 acres.
Oronoco, Minnesota
445 Acres Thomasville Ga. (pasture) 445 acres.
602 Acre Farm Near City (dairy farm) 602 acres.
New York
Hunting Land timberland (undeveloped land) 1,550 acres.
Centerville, Tennessee
Ben Hill Co. Home Acres (residential land) 33 acres.
Fitzgerald, Georgia, Georgia
Terrell Co. Timber  (forest - planted) 41 acres.
Geogia Farm Homesite (forest - planted) 96 acres.
Alamo, Georgia
Country Classic Nj Farm (horse farm) 162 acres.
Delaware, New Jersey
20 Acres Ozark Land (hunting property) 20 acres.
Ellington, Missouri
Recreational Property (recreational property) 105 acres.
Kennedy, New York
90 Acres In Burning Springs  (oil or minerals) 90 acres.
Burning Springs District, West Virginia
Greensboro Md Eastern Shore (horse farm) 21 acres.
Greensboro, Maryland
Plentiful Pines And Pasture  (livestock operation) 85 acres.
Salem, Missouri
76 Acres Free Gas Mobile Home (recreational property) 76 acres.
Arnoldsburg, West Virginia
Happy Acres Tract (hunting property) 103 acres.
Cadley, Georgia
16 Acre Horse Farm In North Fl (horse farm) 16 acres.
Lake City, Florida
House Tools Misc Items (residential land)
McColl, South Carolina
Farmhouse + 5 acres + Land Lease (residential land) 35 acres.
Geneva, New York
259 Acre Hunting Recreational  (hunting property) 259 acres.
Spencer, West Virginia
16 Acre NY Mini Estate (residential land) 16 acres.
Bloomingburg, New York
Great Area Near Lake Norman (residential land)
Troutman, North Carolina
Great For Horses (residential land) 15 acres.
Pine Bush, New York
Waiting For Developers (residential land) 21 acres.
Bloomingburg, New York
Available Building Lots (residential land) 21 acres.
Circleville, New York
Monroe County  (forest - planted) 56 acres.
Blount, Georgia
Possible Subdivision Potential (residential land) 18 acres.
Middletown, New York
133 Acre Farm With Free Gas (pasture) 133 acres.
Auburn, West Virginia
Cropland Up For Bid (row crops) 84 acres.
North Dakota
Crp And Crop Land Up For Bid (row crops) 278 acres.
North Dakota
Crp Cropland Up For Bid (row crops) 152 acres.
North Dakota
Taliaferro Co 70 Acre Farm  (horse farm) 70 acres.
Crawfordville, Georgia
Investment -Hunting Haven (row crops) 120 acres.
Braymer, Missouri
91 Acre Farm Finger Lakes 
New York
Crp Land Up For Bid (row crops) 160 acres.
North Dakota
40 Acres In Van Buren County (residential land) 40 acres.
Spencer, Tennessee
Log Home With A View (residential land) 5 acres.
Monterey, Tennessee
New Ranch Style Home (residential land) 1 acre.
Appomattox, Virginia
Baptist Village Tract (hunting property) 349 acres.
Wrens/Louisville, Georgia
The Heart Of Salmon Country (recreational property) 18 acres.
Albion, New York
Southwest Putnam County  (forest - planted) 113 acres.
64.3 Acres On Toms Creek (hunting property) 64 acres.
Lobelville, Tennessee
Ben Hill Hunting Tract (hunting property) 50 acres.
Nc Farm Land With Home 
North Carolina
275 Acre Farm (livestock operation) 275 acres.
Stantonville, Tennessee
Lake Front Gorgeous Home (waterfront) 1 acre.
Silver Point, Tennessee
Building Lots (undeveloped land) 2 acres.
New Martinsville, West Virginia
Tennessee River Front Property (waterfront) 75 acres.
Clifton, Tennessee
Highway & Waterfront Acreage  (undeveloped land) 3 acres.
Englewood, Florida
Horselover''s Delight (horse farm) 100 acres.
Hohenwald, Tennessee
Build Your Dream Home (pasture) 28 acres.
Cattle Ranch  (livestock operation) 204 acres.
Myakka City, Florida
Zoned For Horses (horse farm) 48 acres.
Hohenwald, Tennessee
Private Wilderness (residential land) 56 acres.
Hohenwald, Tennessee
Buffalo River Land (waterfront) 6 acres.
Hohenwald, Tennessee
Journey To Tranquility (hunting property) 50 acres.
Hohenwald, Tennessee
Mudhole Farm (hunting property) 337 acres.
Cattle Farm (pasture) 2,369 acres.
Unionville, Missouri
Adelaide Miller - Sect 30 and 31 (hunting property) 173 acres.
Excellent Farm Ground (row crops) 875 acres.
Laredo, Missouri
650 Acres Absolute Auction (forest - natural) 650 acres.
Morehead, Kentucky
40 Wooded Acres Views (hunting property) 40 acres.
Horse Lovers Dream (horse farm) 200 acres.
Kellerton, Iowa
Adelaide Miller Sect 2 And 3 (hunting property) 148 acres.
Whiteford (hunting property) 1,461 acres.
640 Wooded Acres Atv Trails (recreational property) 640 acres.
57 Acres 3 Stocked Ponds House (livestock operation) 57 acres.
Leroy, West Virginia
5 Acre County Estate (residential land) 5 acres.
Venice, Florida
Down By The creekside (residential land) 7 acres.
Hohenwald, Tennessee
47acre Horse Farm W 4b3b Home (horse farm) 47 acres.
Large Spring Lots Of Privacy (hunting property) 26 acres.
Cub Run, Kentucky
Beautiful River Farm (horse farm) 39 acres.
Edmonton, Kentucky
Attention Developers (residential land) 32 acres.
Hohenwald, Tennessee
Hidden Lake Farm (horse farm) 20 acres.
Swedesboro, New Jersey
5 Acres (pasture) 5 acres.
Lake City, Florida
Rural Ny Farmette (horse farm) 8 acres.
Fillmore, New York
Northwest Florida Horse Ranch (horse farm) 275 acres.
A Creek View Out Of This World (waterfront) 22 acres.
Savannah, Tennessee
120 Acres Adjoins Riverways (recreational property) 120 acres.
4/4/2 Million Dollar View (waterfront) 1 acres.
3/2/2 Pool Home (residential land)
Englewood, Florida
Remote Homestead (horse farm) 2 acres.
Greensburg, Kentucky
New Rotonda Home (residential land)
ROTONDA, Florida
Southeast Wi (residential land) 79 acres.
Fredonia, Wisconsin
Farmette With Lake Free Gas (residential land) 35 acres.
Hickory, Pennsylvania
Central Florida Land 
Lorida, Florida
303 Acres Henry County Alabama 083A - King (Tree Farm (hunting property) 302 acres.
501 Acres Washington County Alabama (hunting property) 500 acres.
1197 Acres Ashley County Arkansas ASHP036 (hunting property) 1,197 acres.
395 Acres Calhoun County Arkansas (hunting property) 395 acres.
297 Acres Baldwin County Georgia 010A-Gnn 27 and 28a (hunting property) 297 acres.
365 Acres Stewart County Georgia 517A - Taylor (hunting property) 364 acres.
399 Acres Taylor County Georgia 067CE - Souter (hunting property) 398 acres.
377 Acres Wayne County Georgia 271J-Tyler - 2 (hunting property) 376 acres.
699 Acres Caldwell Parish County Louisiana Castor Creek (hunting property) 698 acres.
566 Acres Caldwell Parish County Louisiana (hunting property) 565 acres.
351 Acres Caldwell Parish County Louisiana (hunting property) 351 acres.
789 Acres Union Parish County Louisiana (hunting property) 788 acres.
502 Acres Copiah County Mississippi TRACT 20 (hunting property) 501 acres.
271 Acres Franklin County Mississippi Tract 118 (hunting property) 271 acres.
460 Acres Jasper County Mississippi Tract 27 (hunting property) 459 acres.
300 Acres Jasper County Mississippi (hunting property) 300 acres.
507 Acres Jones County Mississippi Tract 131 (hunting property) 507 acres.
274 Acres Lauderdale County Mississippi Tract 10 (hunting property) 274 acres.
567 Acres Neshoba County Mississippi Arlington (hunting property) 566 acres.
245 Acres Pearl River County Mississippi Tract 4 (hunting property) 245 acres.
376 Acres Scott County Mississippi Tract 47 (hunting property) 376 acres.
264 Acres Smith County Mississippi Tract 47 (hunting property) 264 acres.
246 Acres Smith County Mississippi Tract 121 (hunting property) 246 acres.
1033 Acres Wilkinson County Mississippi (hunting property) 1,032 acres.
1213 Acres Wilkinson County Mississippi (hunting property) 1,212 acres.
1385 Acres Wilkinson County Mississippi Old Hwy 563 (hunting property) 1,384 acres.
232 Acres Wilkinson County Mississippi Gillis Lewis (hunting property) 231 acres.
377 Acres Mineral County Montana Pineland (hunting property) 377 acres.
223 Acres Mineral County Montana Westfall (hunting property) 223 acres.
320 Acres Mineral County Montana Verde (hunting property) 320 acres.
320 Acres Mineral County Montana Hall (hunting property) 320 acres.
320 Acres Mineral County Montana Idaho Gulch (hunting property) 320 acres.
320 Acres Mineral County Montana Sleker (hunting property) 320 acres.
640 Acres Mineral County Montana Shaw (hunting property) 640 acres.
320 Acres Mineral County Montana McManus (hunting property) 320 acres.
640 Acres Missoula County Montana Dennys Delight (hunting property) 640 acres.
330 Acres Missoula County Montana Prairie Home (hunting property) 330 acres.
316 Acres Missoula County Montana Fournier (hunting property) 315 acres.
360 Acres Missoula County Montana Mill Creek (hunting property) 360 acres.
275 Acres Missoula County Montana Res Overlook (hunting property) 274 acres.
640 Acres Missoula County Montana Cramer 33 (hunting property) 640 acres.
290 Acres Missoula County Montana Cramer 32 (hunting property) 290 acres.
699 Acres Missoula County Montana Cramer 31 (hunting property) 699 acres.
640 Acres Missoula County Montana Cramer 28 (hunting property) 640 acres.
640 Acres Missoula County Montana Cramer 29 (hunting property) 640 acres.
480 Acres Missoula County Montana Cramer 21 (hunting property) 480 acres.
280 Acres Missoula County Montana Cramer 20 (hunting property) 280 acres.
696 Acres Missoula County Montana Cramer 19 (hunting property) 696 acres.
626 Acres Missoula County Montana McCormick (hunting property) 625 acres.
320 Acres Missoula County Montana Mario (hunting property) 320 acres.
267 Acres Sanders County Montana East Combest (hunting property) 267 acres.
355 Acres Sanders County Montana Plainhill 3 (hunting property) 355 acres.
882 Acres Columbus County North Carolina 542A - Simmons Bay-3 (hunting property) 882 acres.
North Carolina
396 Acres Columbus County North Carolina 565C - Sledge Inman and Soles (hunting property) 396 acres.
North Carolina
362 Acres Le Flore County Oklahoma Deveries (hunting property) 361 acres.
500 Acres McCurtain County Oklahoma (hunting property) 500 acres.
649 Acres McCurtain County Oklahoma Section 10 (hunting property) 648 acres.
1744 Acres Pushmataha County Oklahoma (hunting property) 1,744 acres.
1524 Acres Pushmataha County Oklahoma (hunting property) 1,523 acres.
515 Acres Pushmataha County Oklahoma (hunting property) 514 acres.
434 Acres Pushmataha County Oklahoma (hunting property) 434 acres.
641 Acres Pushmataha County Oklahoma (hunting property) 640 acres.
594 Acres Pushmataha County Oklahoma (hunting property) 593 acres.
349 Acres Chester County South Carolina ML-308 (hunting property) 348 acres.
South Carolina
353 Acres Cass County Texas Young (hunting property) 352 acres.
289 Acres Cass County Texas Chonko (hunting property) 289 acres.
302 Acres Red River County Texas RR Handcock 2-1 (hunting property) 301 acres.
480 Acres Adams County Wisconsin T17N-R5E (hunting property) 480 acres.
240 Acres Adams County Wisconsin T18N-R7E (hunting property) 240 acres.
321 Acres Ashland County Wisconsin Meadow Creek 2 (hunting property) 321 acres.
360 Acres Ashland County Wisconsin Cayuga (hunting property) 360 acres.
400 Acres Ashland County Wisconsin Augustine Lake (hunting property) 400 acres.
510 Acres Bayfield County Wisconsin Section 36 (hunting property) 510 acres.
258 Acres Bayfield County Wisconsin Four Mile Cre (hunting property) 258 acres.
233 Acres Bayfield County Wisconsin T34N-R8W SEC. 20, 21, 29 (hunting property) 233 acres.
357 Acres Bayfield County Wisconsin Martinsen (hunting property) 357 acres.
240 Acres Douglas County Wisconsin Stone Chimney (hunting property) 240 acres.
436 Acres Forest County Wisconsin Lily River (hunting property) 436 acres.
720 Acres Forest County Wisconsin Grass Lake (hunting property) 720 acres.
291 Acres Jackson County Wisconsin Hatfield 2 (hunting property) 291 acres.
280 Acres Juneau County Wisconsin Clearfield (hunting property) 280 acres.
239 Acres Langlade County Wisconsin (hunting property) 239 acres.
219 Acres Langlade County Wisconsin Pollock Creek (hunting property) 219 acres.
440 Acres Oneida County Wisconsin Tripoli (hunting property) 440 acres.
376 Acres Oneida County Wisconsin Mud Lake 24 (hunting property) 376 acres.
320 Acres Sawyer County Wisconsin Phalen Creek (hunting property) 320 acres.
230 Acres Washburn County Wisconsin Wild Rivers Trail (hunting property) 230 acres.
240 Acres Wood County Wisconsin Cary A (hunting property) 240 acres.
840 Acres Wood County Wisconsin Cary B (hunting property) 840 acres.
446 Acres Wood County Wisconsin Babcock (hunting property) 445 acres.

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This Old House is On the Market

by Staff
   Loaded with character and forgotten craftsmanship, this upstate New York home was once featured in "This Old House" magazine. With its classic Carpenter Gothic architecture, it was a natural for a restoration. Deep in the heart of  James Fenimore Cooper's 'Leatherstocking' country, the little house stands on acres of rolling fields and surrounded by woods and pasture of Otsego County.  [ here to continue]

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