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80 Acre Arizona Gold Mining Claim

Aguila AZ 85320  |  Maricopa County, AZ
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Size: 80 acres
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Last Updated: 10/29/2015
Irrigated: No
Residence: No
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This is a legally registered, 80 acre, gold mining claim for sale.
Discounted price of $2950. A signed contract will precede payment.

Mining Claims as an investment: if you purchase a claim from us, at no charge, I would help you if ever decided to sell, in how to do that.

Owning a mining claim is having access to a lifetime of great family fun and recreation, in a very beautiful, natural setting. Arizona is just a great, scenic state, where the spirit of the old west still lives on, and we have been coming here for many years.

This is a 80 acre unpatented, gold mining claim, the Big Horn Gold #1 placer claim. The claim is legally registered with the Bureau of Land Management out of Phoenix. You own the mineral rights, not sharing with others, on the 80 acres, and use your 80 acres, recreationally for camping: tent, camper, or RV, and prospecting. Beautiful views of surrounding mountain ranges. Great combination of easy access, wilderness beauty, and gold prospecting potential.

This specific spot was chosen, as in a valley, right in between 2 mountain ranges, knowing gold travels downhill especially with Arizona summer rains. Large washes are on the claim, where gold tends to accumulate. For you animal lovers, wild donkeys were following us around calmly throughout the day. There is a public shade shelter and porta potty, along with an area to park RV's, about a mile or so southwest, though you can choose to camp anywhere on your 80 acres.

See the listing onsite pictures, showing one of the most beautiful areas in Arizona. This claim includes the edge of the Big Horn Mountains, and is surrounded by stunning mountain views. Located near the Big Horn Mountain Wilderness Area, see area info links bottom of listing.
Claim is located right in between the Big Horn Mountains east, and the Harquahala Mountains west.

Claim corners are in place, with the name of the claim and identifying corners on each 2”x 2”x 4’ wooden corner post, as well as a location post with location paperwork.

With an approved BLM Plan of Operation, a building can be built: any building that benefits and improves the claim, though you cannot permanently live on the claim. Casual use, as defined by the AZ BLM, is the current mining approved method, which includes dry washing, panning, shoveling, rock hammer, and detector.

We have found about 1/8 of an ounce of gold, value approx. $200. Those with more time to prospect may find more.* Today's gold prices are over $1300/ounce. Claim is intended for family fun and recreation. Though we can never promise what you will find, we located this claim in an historically rich gold prospecting area.
80 acres = 3,484,800 sq., feet., parcel size of 1320 ft. x 2640 ft.

This claim has great access. Though in a wilderness area, is paved road all the way to the claim. There are many nice areas for camping, RV accessible, and gold discovered in surface prospecting.
An easy hour and a half drive from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.
Route I-10 west for 67.8 miles, Take Exit 81, then right on paved Salome Road, then 9.6 miles to right on paved Eagle Eye Road, then 8.7 miles going north to the SW corner of the claim.
See gps corners below.

A large wash is on the claim, and acts as a catch basin for gold mineralized ground.
This claim is in a very mineralized area, and is great for rock hounds, detecting, high banking, relic hunting, and dry-washing. Many historical gold rich producing mines are in this area. Surrounding mountain views and rolling terrain. Area has mile after mile of jeep trails, including use for dune buggy, ATV, dirt biking, horse back riding, and hiking.

NW Maricopa County is located west of Phoenix, is a region of broad desert plains and canyon mountain ranges. It is one of the largest areas of historic gold mining discoveries.

This 21,000-acre wilderness lies 60 miles west of Phoenix in western Maricopa County. The precipitous 1,800-foot-high Big Horn Peak and neighboring desert plain escarpments give the wilderness exceptional scenic value, especially noticeable along Interstate Highway 10 south of the area. The Hummingbird Spring Wilderness, northeast of this area, is separated from the Big Horn Wilderness by a jeep trail.
Nine miles of the jumbled Big Horn Mountains ridgeline cross the wilderness. The central mountainous core is surrounded by smaller hills, fissures, chimneys, narrow canyons, and desert plains. This wilderness offers many recreation opportunities such as hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, photography and nature study. Rugged ridges challenge expert climbers, while side canyons and plains offer easier hiking.
This wilderness contains many desert species, such as the desert Big Horn Sheep, Gila monster, Kit Fox and Desert Tortoise. Golden eagles, prairie falcons, barn owls and great horned owls nest in the cliffs.

Hikers, backpackers, wildlife observers and photographers will find many recreational opportunities here.
A transfer of ownership is a sale of legal, exclusive ownership of a mining claim site. To be a legally recorded claim, gold had to be found on the claim, which was completed by me, as I am the original claim locator.
Your ownership is legally conveyed via a Quit Claim deed, and legally recorded with the BLM and the county. A Quit Claim deed is the required legal document per the BLM. Each year, on or before September 1st, you need to file a form with the Bureau of Land Management, along with $620. We will supply this form to you. By doing this, you keep the claim forever. There are no taxes on mining claims in Arizona. You will need to have 4 names on your deed. All must be a current US citizen to own a mining claim in the US. I have paid the BLM fee for 2015.
An unpatented mining claim is a specific parcel of federal land, valuable for a specific mineral deposit or deposits. It is a parcel for which an individual has asserted a legal right of possession and the right to develop and extract a discovered, valuable, mineral deposit.
Mining claims are real property that you can buy, sell, or inherit. After proving the existence of valuable minerals on the land, the claim is legally recorded with the Bureau of Land Management, and the local county.

Your 80 acres is the N 1/2 of the SW 1/4 of Section 34, Township 5 N., Range 10 W., Gila & Salt River Base and Meridian, known as the Big Horn Gold #1 mining claim, in Maricopa County, Arizona.
Claim number: AMC423039.
Gold always occurs in gravels in the state and when so found has various physical characteristics. Gold is dense and heavy, it has a characteristic color, and it is soft and easily malleable (it is easily formed by hammering). These are the characteristics used by prospectors to identify gold in the field.
Placer gold occurs on the claim as small grains derived from gossan formed by weathering, and oxidation of the gold, copper and iron rich veins. Gold also occurs as grains flakes and small nuggets derived from the erosion of mineralized fault zones.

The Federal Government owns the land.
You are purchasing the mineral rights.
You can legally camp, with camper and RV use of the whole 80 acres. Prospect, explore, and camp on the whole 80 acres.
TERMS: Total price for one time full payment of $3950: no other fees nor costs.

Ownership will be transferred with both the BLM and county after receiving payment. Contract will precede payment.

GPS Coordinates:
Big Horn Gold #1

80 acres:
NW 33.7320, -113.2983
NE 33.7320, -113.2895
SW 33.7285, -113.2983
SE 33.7285, -113.2895

Area Information Links:

Big Horn Mountain Wilderness Area

18 miles from Town of Aguila

In the midst and surrounded by wilderness areas

44 miles from Town of Wickenburg

Harquahala Mountains

Map of 80 Acre Arizona Gold Mining Claim

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80 Acre Arizona Gold Mining Claim
80 Acre Arizona Gold Mining Claim
80 Acre Arizona Gold Mining Claim
80 Acre Arizona Gold Mining Claim
80 Acre Arizona Gold Mining Claim
80 Acre Arizona Gold Mining Claim
80 Acre Arizona Gold Mining Claim
80 Acre Arizona Gold Mining Claim
80 Acre Arizona Gold Mining Claim
80 Acre Arizona Gold Mining Claim
80 Acre Arizona Gold Mining Claim
80 Acre Arizona Gold Mining Claim
80 Acre Arizona Gold Mining Claim
80 Acre Arizona Gold Mining Claim
80 Acre Arizona Gold Mining Claim
80 Acre Arizona Gold Mining Claim
80 Acre Arizona Gold Mining Claim

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