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Lake Sam Rayburn Waterfront Properties

Private Road 8356, Bronson, TX | Sabine County, TX
Listing Type: Sale
Property Type(s):
  • Residential Land
Last Updated: 2/4/2015
Irrigated: No
Residence: No
Cropland Acres: Contact broker
Land and Farm ID: 1206254


These are beautiful tracts of land located on Lake Sam Rayburn. The tracts are ideal for hunting, fishing, vacation/retirement homes, or development. This property is only a few miles from San Augustine Park that has a public boat launch and RV park for camping. Also, there are 18 lots in Pinewater Plantation Subdivision. All lots vary in size, but the average size is 2.5 acres. This property is peaceful, with beautiful views of the water.

Parcel Information

Parcel Title Price Acreage
1641011 His and Heirs LLC $2,800,000 280.00
1641010 His and Heirs LLC $1,810,000 181.00
1641008 His and Heirs LLC $905,000 181.00
1641012 His and Heirs LLC $2,760,000 138.00
1641009 His and Heirs LLC $600,000 100.00
1641007 His and Heirs LLC $400,000 80.00
1641006 His and Heirs LLC $660,000 66.00
1641014 His and Heirs LLC $500,000 40.00
1641013 His and Heirs LLC $220,000 22.00

Map of Lake Sam Rayburn Waterfront Properties

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This Property is Off-Market. Last modified on 2/4/2015

His Heirs LLC

His and Heirs LLC