REO Ranch

Peggs, OK | Cherokee County, OK
Listing Status: Active
Price: $1,300,000 ($1,781/acre)
Size: 730 acres
Property Type(s):
  • Hunting Land
  • Oil Or Minerals
Posted: over 180 days ago
Last Updated: 9/18/2013
Times Viewed: 2,412
Irrigated: No
Residence: No
Cropland Acres: Contact seller or broker/agent
Land and Farm ID: 577898



REO Ranch is located 60 miles east of Tulsa, OK and 70 miles west of Springdale, AR near Peggs, OK. The ranch is approximately 5 miles southwest of Peggs and 1 mile northeast of the Clear Creek Monastery. County road access is paved to within 1/2 mile of the property. The last 1/2 mile of the county road is gravel and connects to a short gravel easement road that leads to the driveway of the ranch.


REO Ranch has 240 feet of elevation change from the base of the hollow flats to the top of the ridge. With this much elevation difference comes some attractive views as you look across hollows to distant ridge lines. The ranch driveway extends from the southwest corner to near the northwest corner of the property. ATV trails branch from this main driveway and lead along ridge fingers and down into the hollows. The property is roughly 1 mile square and is 95% timber with a natural mix of mature oak, hickory and shortleaf pine.


Each of the hollows supports intermittent streams through part of the year. The streambeds are typically 2 to 3 feet deep with a smooth rock bottom intermixed with stretches of gravel shoals. Based on the topography of the ranch alone, there are multiple pond/lake sites in the drainages that could be considered.

The property has a water well that produces both water and natural gas. The owners have installed a system that separates the gas from the water, treats the water to drinking standards and captures natural gas to supply the home and barn. The system is maintained and monitored by a service vendor.


The property is fenced, has a road and trail system, electrical service, established food plots, a 2000 square foot modular home, barn and two storage containers. The home is 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom. The master suite has a master bath and walk in closet with dressing area. The living room has a gas fireplace. A porch runs the full length of the home on the front. A small porch on the back looks out over the best view on the property.

The barn is equipped with both natural gas heat and water. It is equipped for game processing and can also store your ATV's and other toys. The two shipping containers are used to store deer corn, tools and equipment.


The property is being managed for deer, both in terms of nutrition food plots and feeders and selective harvest. Wild turkeys and wild hogs are also on the property. Make sure to check out the trail cam pictures and after the hunt shots to judge the wildlife potential for yourself.


The owner believes they own most if not all of the minerals and will be conveying all that they own with the property. Natural gas production on the property shows that there are hydrocarbon resources beneath the surface.





Property Summary:

REO Ranch is accessed by a short easement road that creates a buffer between the property and the county road. From the easement road, the driveway climbs up to the ridgetop and runs along its spine. The driveway was constructed as part of a broad clearing with scattered trees and is intersected by ATV trails and other small roads that lead off along the finger ridges and down into the hollows. As you drive along the driveway, you catch views across hollows to the adjoining side slopes, hog backs and saddles. The home is secluded near the northwest corner of the property over 1 mile from the nearest county road. The home overlooks the best views on the property and the only sounds you hear are of the wind and song birds in the trees.

ATV trails lead you down into the hollows where you see tall, straight and mature stands of oaks and short leaf pines. Here, you will also find flat bottomed stream beds that course along the hollow flats and cut into the hillside leaving vertical cliffs. It was this part of the property that attracted me the most. Walking the hollow flats is easy because the lack of elevation change, and can be done extremely quietly by walking on the solid, flat surface of the stream-bed. The stream-bed is almost like having a paved, slightly depressed walking trail through the woods that allows you to sneak along very quietly and for the most part hidden from the wildlife. By doing this, I was able to approach deer much closer than normal without them seeing me. I could also generally see a lot more wildlife like squirrels and birds because I wasn't rustling leaves or breaking limbs. To me the hollows were also the prettiest part of the property with cliffs, overhangs, and the largest timber on the property. I walked around for hours and was in no hurry to leave. REO Ranch is certainly a peaceful, pretty place to be.

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