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The Fair Haven Farms

513 Co Rd 44 Chase Mills NY 13621  |  Saint Lawrence County, NY
  • the stream on property
  • second farm,rental/office
  • second barn
  • 50 acre field
  • first barn
  • building lot
  • craft plan
  • me and my son set up at a show
  • small sample of antique collectible merchandise
  • buddy's that we make and sell
  • about the Angel eyes shares
  • about the scarecrow park
  • kitchens we build
  • Recent picture of kitchen built 30 yrs ago
  • trailer of about a 1/3 of clothing we have
  • House of prayer chapel
  • cemetery
Listing Status: Off Market
Listing Type: Sale
Size: 240 acres
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Last Updated: 12/2/2013
Sale Options: Seller financing
Irrigated: No
Residence: Yes
Cropland Acres: Contact seller
Land and Farm ID: 1037924


The Fair Havens
Sustainable Living with Added Potential our model "be ready" our present mission is to build a Sustainable Living environment

A peaceful country setting located in upstate New York, getting ready for the future, by supping our own resources for living and our future.
The lack of stability in our economy, poor quality food, fuel prices and supplies, unemployment
rates and etc. have encouraged us to do something to help stop the negative influence it's having on

Depending on others for our needs leaves us open and vulnerable to their standards of quality, their prices and influences and even possible control of our lives.

Organizing our farms where we have a stable environment while producing our living needs
from within that setting can and will provide a much safer healthier happier and more peaceful life and

The following outline shows how we are doing this:

(Some of these we have already accomplished and
some still need to be developed.)

-living debt free

-Growing our own Food, fruits, vegetables, meats, milk, grains / flowers, juices, herbs...etc.

-Providing our own Energies, heat, fuels, electricity, solar power, windmills.. etc.

-Provide jobs if Necessary (Existing or ready to Go)

1.Stores : eBay, antiques-collectibles, second-hand and thrift

2.Scarecrow Fantasy Land (amusement park)

3.Gifts and Crafts (craft marketing plan)

4.Rustic Furniture- custom cabinets and furniture

5.Produce business

6.Fair Haven contracting- new homes and remodeling

7.Small engine repairs

*Future businesses:

-Rental storage units
-Health food and dry goods store

To provide recreation- walk trails, horseback riding, bikes,cross-country skiing, playgrounds..etc.

To provide Faith and Spiritual assistance- house of prayer chapel, counseling

Help provide schooling- homeschooling or private school.

-Provide barber and beauty shop.
-Provide accommodations for pets.
-Provide financial assistance.
-Provide cemetery.

To provide homes:

*Presently available: for-sale are new home and apartment sites.

We presently have 240 acres of land joining over 1500 acres of state land.

We will be providing the many if not all the basic necessities of life within our setting.

We believe each person has strength and/or gifts that they can use to the good and benefit of others as well as themselves.

The more this is done in a unified effort the stronger the effort becomes. in order to work together on this unity we must have basic like-minded beliefs and goals.

Concerning faith and government we encourage all to focus on:

“Loving the Lord thy God with all thy heart with
all thy soul and with all thy mind and with all thy strength”.

“And to loving thy neighbor as thyself”

“Love worketh no ill to his neighbor therefore love is the fulfilling of the law”.
“Owe no man anything but to love one another for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law”

If we put sincere effort and focus on this it will keep us on the right track and help us obtain and
maintain our goals. The owners as board members oversee the operations. We can be better prepared
for the future, and relieve a lot of stress, while providing a good helping supported living environment, if we do something now! Join us and experience the benefits of the Fair Haven Project.
Up till now this has been a family effort. For many years we have seen the benefits of Fair Haven and would like to include others, and expand our potential to help more people. If you believe in the concepts we have mentioned here, and have an interest in knowing more about us, or becoming involved in this effort please feel free to contact us about it.

Andy Maslin Sr. and Family: Founders of “The
Fair Havens”
opportunity for buyer
Assessments of Assets for Fair Havens

240 acres of land approx. 100 acres tillable to be used for hay, grains, and produce (fruits and
vegetables) building sites available. Large area to be developed for water resources, such as fish ponds, canoeing, with garden beds connected to it.

2 homes, 2 large barns presently housing small engine and mechanic shop, custom cabinet shop, large storage area housing antique, collectible, eBay, and general store merchandise. Scarecrow and buddy crow assembly area includes housing large inventory for them.

*Also future site of:

-Apartments designed by new owners

-Barbershop (we have the equipment)

-Beauty shop (we have the equipment)

-Antiques, collectibles, and general store

-eBay center

-Gifts and/or crafts office, warehouse, and store

1 Hardware building, with substantial inventory of hardware

1 camp

1 building currently housing house of prayer chapel

Several other outbuildings used for storage

1 large building lot in Chase Mills with internet terminal which provides free lifetime internet to Fair
Haven property. Also future site of rental storage units.

*Businesses Associated with Fair Haven

-Rustic furniture custom kitchens and baths furniture
completely furnished wood working shop with some materials.

-Fair Havens New home and remodeling contracting business
inventory of equipment for business

-Scarecrow Fantasy Land fun park

-Gifts of crafts(marketing businesses for crafters)
presently have website, club plan, home parties, and store, structured but needs development.

-Antique collectibles and general merchandise
very, very large inventory for store eBay and

-Scarecrow and Buddy crow Manufacturing and sales, very large inventory for producing up to

2000 shares of stock in Angel Eyes Produce, a Indoor controlled environments produce growing business with patents for technology

Presently most of these businesses are ready to move forward when the right personnel get involved to do this.All of these have been our family business that have been proven but not developed to their full potential. 2000 shares Angel Eyes Produce Indoor controlled environments produce growing business with patents for technology.

Opportunities For buyer

Fair Haven presently has a six-member board five board members hold 10% stake each with the
remaining one member holding the remaining 50% of ownership. The owner that controls 50% is
going to sell 25% ownership.

each owner owns his or her percentage of the entire holding of Fair Haven this includes properties businesses inventory equipment ...etc.

Landholdings such as building sites are owned by the buyer but still under the guidance of Fair Haven and overseen by the board. Some sites have already been acquired by the existing board. (1home, 2 parcels)

buyer will get a building site included in the price of his or her purchase

price for 25% of ownership in Fair Havens, is $300,000

Total assessed value of properties and assets of Fair Haven at this time was approximately
$1,000,000 there is great potential for a fast increase in value as properties and businesses are in position to move forward immediately, this could be a special opportunity for a business minded person or persons with managing, organizing, and marketing abilities.
Who also would like to be in a sustainable living environment.

Please contact me with any questions my name is Andy L. Maslin Jr., my number is 315-250-3484 and my e-mail is the following:

Thank You for reading my Advertisement. Have a great Day!

Map of The Fair Haven Farms

All Photos

The Fair Haven Farms
The Fair Haven Farms
The Fair Haven Farms
The Fair Haven Farms
the stream on property
the stream on property
second farm,rental/office
second farm,rental/office
second barn
second barn
The Fair Haven Farms
50 acre field
50 acre field
The Fair Haven Farms
The Fair Haven Farms
first barn
first barn
The Fair Haven Farms
The Fair Haven Farms
building lot
building lot
craft plan
craft plan
The Fair Haven Farms
me and my son set up at a show
me and my son set up at a show
small sample of antique collectible merchandise
small sample of antique collectible...
The Fair Haven Farms
buddy's that we make and sell
buddy's that we make and sell
The Fair Haven Farms
The Fair Haven Farms
about the Angel eyes shares
about the Angel eyes shares
The Fair Haven Farms
The Fair Haven Farms
The Fair Haven Farms
about the scarecrow park
about the scarecrow park
The Fair Haven Farms
The Fair Haven Farms
The Fair Haven Farms
kitchens we build
kitchens we build
The Fair Haven Farms
The Fair Haven Farms
The Fair Haven Farms
Recent picture of kitchen built 30 yrs ago
Recent picture of kitchen built 30 ...
The Fair Haven Farms
trailer of about a 1/3 of clothing we have
trailer of about a 1/3 of clothing ...
House of prayer chapel
House of prayer chapel

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