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Aniak Riverfront Property

123 acres
UNKNOWN Aniak AK 99557
The Aniak provides all 5 species of Pacific Salmon, Leopard Rainbow Trout, Arctic Char, Grayling, Sheefish, and Northern Pike and there is no better place to bring these hard-fighting fish to the beac...
Art Swisher, Coastal Realty-Homer/Sports Afield Trophy Properties
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Bethel Census Area, AK Land Info

Alaska is one of the smallest farming states in the country. In 2014, the agricultural sector contributed $455 million to the state's economy, or one percent of overall state GDP (placing it 43rd among all U.S. states for income generated through farming and agricultural activities). Approximately 58 percent of Alaska's annual farm income is from livestock products (including poultry, beef and dairy cattle, sheep or hogs and pigs). The other 42 percent comes from crops. Alaska's mountainous, northerly terrain is not optimal for any significant agricultural output, with most of the farmland given over to crop production. According to official Census Bureau stats, there were 762 farms recorded in the state, covering a total of 833,861 acres (or the equivalent of zero percent of the total state land area).

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