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Perea 200 Acres

200 acres
Noland Rd San Simon AZ 85632  |  Cochise County
200 acres located SE of San Simon, Arizona where there are thousands of acres of Pecan and Pistachio orchards as well as other farming operations. Excellent opportunity to purchase well priced prope...
Jim Tenney, tenneys 4U Land & Real Estate
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Just stroll through your local supermarket, and you’ll observe how organic farming is on the rise. USDA statistics show that the organic sector grew from $3.2 billion to $5.5 billion between 2008 and 2014; there are now over 14,000 organic farms around the country producing on 3.7 million acres. The most commonly sold organic food products are milk, eggs, broiler chickens, lettuce and apples, with California, Washington and Pennsylvania leading the way in terms of organic food sales. Organic farms differ from conventional farms based on food-production systems that do not rely on genetically modified seeds, synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.

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