Alamosa Pasture/Ranch for Sale

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15053 County Road 2 South Alamosa CO 81101  |  Alamosa County
240 acres
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Stephen ColeHatchard , Vercoles Realty
Surface rights are added to the existing well rights now comprising approximately 2,700 acre feet of water annually. Extensive water rights highlight this ranch in the fertile San Luis Valley, mak...

Alamosa, CO Land Info

Colorado ranks among the country's top ten biggest agricultural states. In 2014, the agricultural sector contributed $2.84 billion to the Colorado economy, or one percent of overall state GDP (placing it 28th among all U.S. states for income generated through farming and agricultural activities). Approximately 69 percent of Colorado's annual agricultural production is from livestock products (including poultry, beef and dairy cattle, sheep or hogs and pigs). The other 31 percent comes from crops. Along with cattle, Colorado's chief crops are corn, wheat and hay. According to official Census Bureau stats, there were 36,180 farms recorded in the state, covering a total of 31.9 million acres (or the equivalent of 48 percent of the total state land area).

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