Saint Clair County Natural Forest for Sale

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8 Acres in Saint Clair County, Illinois

8 acres
8720 GOLDEN RULE MINE ROAD New Athens IL 62264
Nice home site with beautiful views for sale! Someone picked the prefect spot for their farmstead. The long lane leads to a wooded patch on a hill with great views of the surrounding farmland. 8 acres...
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Saint Clair County, IL Land Info

The strict definition of natural forest is open to some debate, as there are technically very few areas of forestland not affected by some degree of human-related activity over time, be that cutting, grazing or the introduction of non-native tree and plant species. The United Nation’s Food and Agricultural Organization takes a slightly more flexible stance when defining a forest’s “naturalness” as being in a condition that’s “undisturbed by man.” Much of the natural forest for sale on Land and Farm offers prime acreage for recreation and hunting.

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