Greenup County Farm for Sale

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Ernies ridge Road South Shore KY 41175
68 acres
68 Acres in Greenup County, KentuckyMore Detail +
Isaac Singer , Whitetail Properties
This piece of land offers both hunting and recreational opportunities. This property hunts from the top-down by providing access from the ridge. This allows a more enjoyable and many times more succes...

Greenup County, KY Land Info

Farms for sale incorporate everything from industrial-scale farm acreage in the Midwest’s farming heartland to small hobby and horse farms for sale from Alabama to Wyoming. Of the country’s estimated two million farms, Texas numbers the most farms followed by Missouri, Iowa and Oklahoma. Farmland in the U.S. produces estimated agricultural exports worth over $135 billion annually, with crop farms, cattle farms and dairy farms employing over 750,000 workers. According to, the total real-estate value of farming land in the U.S. is approximately two trillion U.S. dollars.

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