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2814 W Seneca Turnpike Marcellus NY 13108
155 acres
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DJ Van Keuren , VK International
Now is your chance to own a golf course for $195,000 by assuming the $1.25MM bank loan and existing entity. Email or Call for more information. ABOUT THE COURSE Marcellus Golf Club is the finest ve...

Onondaga County, NY Land Info

Reports estimate that the golf economy is a $70 billion industry, with a reported 25 million golfers playing 455 million rounds of golf each year. Of the approximately 15,000 golf-related facilities around the country, golf courses for sale represent the opportunity to own land (the average acreage needed for an 18-hole course ranges between 100 to 200 acres) and invest in a business that drives local employment and tourism. And for those not looking for quite the same level of investment, there are always mini-golf courses for sale in popular vacation spots like the Jersey Shore, South Carolina and up and down the boardwalks of Florida and California!

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