Lincoln County Poultry Farm for Sale

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1 Property:


14 Poultry Houses

83.83 acres
0 South Fishing Ford Road Petersburg TN 37144
(8) 43x500' houses built in 2009, (2) 50x500' houses built in 2008, (4) 40x500' houses built around 1990, nice brick home, mobile home and 83 acres. These houses are broilers and the current owner gro...
Stan Vaught, Bob Parks Auction
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Lincoln County, TN Land Info

The United States is the world’s largest producer of poultry products and its second largest exporter of poultry meat. Almost 20 percent of the country’s poultry products, including eggs and poultry meat, is exported (the top destinations being Mexico, Canada and Hong Kong). Poultry farms around the country are largely focused on producing broiler chickens, which are chickens younger than 13 weeks old used in the commercial production of chicken meat. Georgia, Arkansas, Alabama, North Carolina and Mississippi are the top five broiler-producing states, reflected in the number of poultry farms in each.

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