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100 S Black Knoll Road Richfield UT 84701  |  Sevier County
351.51 acres
Venice Flats FarmMore Detail +
Brayden Gardner , Company not provided
Has 60 acre pasture with flowing wells and the Cove River running through it, over 200 AF of underground water rights, 66 2/3 shares of Venice pump irrigation water and 127 shares of Cove River irrig...

Richfield, UT Land Info

Utah ranks 25th for the size of its agricultural sector. In 2014, the agricultural sector contributed $994 million to the state's economy, or one percent of overall state GDP (placing it 37th among all U.S. states for income generated through farming and agricultural activities). Approximately 68 percent of Utah's annual farm income is from livestock products (including poultry, beef and dairy cattle, sheep or hogs and pigs). The other 32 percent comes from crops. Utah's agricultural economy is largely driven by its livestock holdings, which account for over three-quarters of state farm revenues. Interestingly, Utah produces a quarter of mink pelts farmed in the United States. Based on data from the 2012 U.S. Census, there were 18,027 farms recorded in the state, covering a total of 11 million acres (or the equivalent of 20 percent of the entire state land area).

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