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Bayfield County, WI Land Info

Bayfield County is a mid-size rural county in Wisconsin. The most common type of land for sale in Bayfield County recently was farms, while Mason featured the most land for sale. Data from July 2016 places the average per-acre value of land for sale in Bayfield County at $3,253, with an average list price of $106,886 for land and farms for sale in Bayfield County. Of Wisconsin's 72 counties, Bayfield County ranks 64th in terms of its population (14,977, according to Census data from 2015). Based on its natural assets, tourism and recreation define the economic landscape of Bayfield County. In terms of size, Bayfield County is Wisconsin's third biggest county (2,042 square miles, which equals three percent of the state). Farming activities in Bayfield County generate annual revenues of $14 million, 35 percent of which is from livestock products and 65 percent from crop harvests. The main agricultural staple here is crop farming (classified by the U.S. Census Bureau to include crops such as wheat, corn, hay and cotton).

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