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The market for agricultural and commercial land is changing almost daily throughout the Southeast, and especially in Florida. That presents major challenges to anyone buying, managing or selling land. Getting the right advice can add millions to your bottom line.

Crosby & Associates has been providing that kind of advice since 1983. Land is our life. We live it. Own it. Manage it. Buy and sell it. Study it. And as a result, we understand it as very few can.

Our team includes 20 land specialists, REALTORS with expertise in every conceivable type of land. And our partnerships with other leading firms expand those capabilities even more.

This enables us to accurately assess the market for your property, position your land for sale and cast the widest possible net for prospective buyers. We invest heavily in training to ensure that our staff understands the latest marketing technologies and techniques.



Were known for big deals. Like $77.3 million for farmland and related assets in Florida and Virginia. Or $10.4 millionfor land in Hendry and Collier counties. So, whether we are marketing one acre for development or 950,000 acres of ranch land; our track record consistently shows our home-run power.

But we treat every transaction as if it were a big deal because to you, it is. We bring our experience and training to your land where its located, whats going around it, what factors are at work, where the market is. Then we put together a marketing plan to target your best base of prospective buyers with an aggressive campaign to get your property sold. That typically will include advertising through person-to-person outreach, online media, trade publications, and local vehicles.

Another important tool is the use of auctions, which we offer through our partnership with Murray Wise Associates. An auction is especially suitable for properties that need to be sold within a specified time frame, or for those that will benefit from a concentrated push to focus a spotlight on the property for a limited time. Auctions have produced some of our biggest transactions.


Because of our size, reputation and history for providing excellent service, we have built relationships with many individuals, pension funds, hedge funds and other institutional buyers, who look to us for assistance in locating suitable properties. Investors, growers and others rely on our integrity and expertise in evaluating the many factors that go into the value of a property, and in our professionalism in bringing the transaction to a satisfactory closing.


We provide services throughout the Southeast and beyond, but as you would expect with our headquarters in Winter Haven, Florida, we put a particular focus on Florida. This market is especially challenging because of the many factors impacting property values.

All of these factors create complex questions on land use. Groves affected by Citrus Greening may have a stronger market among buyers interested in converting the land for use with row crops, for example. Recreational land may find a market from those seeking to convert it for agricultural or development use. The constantly changing picture presents challenges that we are especially well positioned to meet. For example, citrus is in an intermediate-term decline due largely to citrus greening, so we are focused on helping our clients adapt in the short-term while preserving options for the future.

Our team of experts is uniquely equipped to understand the many options on the table, and to recommend the best strategy for land owners or investors.

The Bigger the Challenge, the More you Need Crosby

We love a challenge, and our experience equips us to take on the biggest, most complex transactions. In 2013, we took on the huge task of liquidating a bankrupt tomato operator. Assets to be sold included more than 10,000 acres of farmland in Florida and Virginia, as well as several packing plants, labor camps, homes, condominiums, and even a motel. Working with our longtime partners Murray Wise Associates, we managed to sell all the assets for a total of $78 million much to the delight of the receiver and the bankruptcy court!

The reality is that Crosby & Associates has stepped up time and again over the decades to get results in all types of markets, on all types of real estate assets. While were best known for agricultural land, the needs of the seller frequently go beyond the dirt. We have a proven track record for exceptional results.

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