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Company: National Land Realty
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Phone: 620-692-3202, 620-583-2123
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Bill Holcomb is a native Kansan and salesperson for National Land Realty. "I've lived in the country for over 30 years." "I understand farmers and ranchers, their needs and their way of life." Bill's love of the outdoors spans four decades and influenced his career decision to join the National Land team. For the last fifteen years, Bill has enjoyed professionally guiding in eastern Kansas for Monster Whitetails and waterfowl. He has also had several trophy whitetail articles published in North American Whitetail and Awesome Whitetails magazines. "I've known since childhood that my calling was in the outdoors, it's my life, it's what I was born to do." Bill is an avid waterfowler and is usually accompanied by his son Billy. He is also nationally known for consistently harvesting huge Kansas whitetails with a bow. With two bucks netting over 180 and ten netting between 151 and 193, Bill's best six bucks accumulatively net 991 inches, an accomplishment that only a few hunters have surpassed with a bow or firearm. Bill has always felt that his greatest attributes as a trophy bowhunter are his ability to recognize trophy property and build relationships with landowners. "Farmers and Ranchers are the salt of the earth, the hardest working and most honest people you'll ever meet. I'm very fortunate to live in one of three best trophy whitetail states. I've spent untold hours in the field watching big deer and observing the habitat that they prefer." With over thirty years of experience scouting out the best hunting opportunities, Bill is certainly an expert in outdoor recreational property, farm, and ranch land. He understands the dream of owning a great property. "The most rewarding part of my job is to look at the excitement in someone's eyes when I know that I have played a part in making their dreams come true."

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