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TerraStone Land Company is a full-service land brokerage firm in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma that provides unique solutions to strategic investors and clients. We offer customized brokerage services for buyers and sellers with the benefit of providing tailored soutions to maximize your investment and increase your land's revenue streams.

TerraStone Land Company was built form a foundation set by the land management team at Advanced Ecology Ltd. (AEL). With 35 years of combined land management and forestry experience, the AEL team realized there was a gap in the rural and recreational real estate market. While most brokerage firms focus solely on helping clients buy or sell land, AEL saw the opportunity to help clients enhance their property from a land management, wildlife and forestry perspective. A firm that could do both would ultimately provide the client with invaluable insight to the true, and often untapped, potential of their land.

The AEL family of companies can now help clients buy and sell land, while maintaining and enhancing land conservation and potentially generating additional revenue streams to create added value. At the heart of AEL is a dedicated team of foresters, biologists, wildlife experts and ecological specialists. Each are dedicated to helping clients craft a total land solution, in one place, without the hassle of working with multiple entities.

TerraStone Land Company is led by a dynamic team that brings land expertise and heavy hitting real estate prowess.

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