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Farmer, Rancher, Executive, Community Leader, Sales Consultant, Realtor, Mom, Grandma, Wife! As you can see I wear many hats. I was a farmer/rancher owner most of my adult life in Iowa. I began tagging along with my father and grandfather on the family farm as a toddler and sold my first load of pigs and calves when I was nine years. I found my calling early in life.

After college at South Dakota State University, I moved back to the family farm and began raising corn, soybeans, hay as well as managing a large cow/calf and pig operation. Over the years, I developed an expertise and appreciation for all issues that face agriculture on a daily basis. Nurturing the movement of beef, pork, corn, and soybeans to market was hard work but very rewarding. A life experience I loved.

On a trip to Montana some years ago I fell in Love with the “Last Best Place”; changed gears and moved to the Flathead Valley. I became a Montana Realtor and started selling land and properties to others looking for the same wonderful experience I had. It became a natural fit and I love working with folks who are anxious to find just the right place to enjoy the Montana lifestyle. I am very qualified to help buyers and sellers with a smooth and pleasant real estate experience. I am proud to be part of the Corder and Associates Real Estate Team of Experts.

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