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David comes from a military family. He was born in Germany, grew up in Syracuse, New York and attended college in Florida. David wanted to become a pilot, but at the time, Vietnam veterans were returning from the war and taking those positions with the airlines. I saw the writing on the wall and decided to earn a dual degree in aeronautical and computer science. Becoming a commercial pilot was going to be nearly impossible since I was competing with experienced pilots, so I ended up in computer programming for 20 years, says David. What he calls his mid-life crisis resulted in David starting an insurance agency in 2005, which specializes in farm and ranch insurance. In 2002, he bought a 320-acre farm and spent years turning it into a hunters paradise. I built a wildlife habitat managementcompany called Habitat Development Solutions. I used it to improve food plots and crops on my land, and I worked with conservation groups and land owners to create a rich habitat for game and farming on other properties. Land stewardship means taking care of land so it can meet its God-given potential. It involves leaving the land better than you found it, David explains. That is what hes doing with the 805 acres he purchased in 2013 in Mercer County on the Missouri/Iowa border where he runs a successful row crop farm and pursues his passion, bow hunting Midwest white tails and hard gobbling eastern turkeys. He has the invaluable eye you need when it comes to evaluating a propertys food, water and cover. More importantly, he can offer advice on how to improve these conditions for better farming and hunting. A lifetime of insuring farms and ranches, designing wildlife habitat, raising crops and hunting means David has extraordinary knowledge you can count on to help you find the land youre looking for and develop it to its full potential. David raised one daughter and has two stepsons at home. His dream is to retire on land, maybe his 805 acres, with his wife. Until then he is enjoying connecting people with land that meets their goals. Whether youre a hunter, farmer or both, talk to David about what to look for. All it takes is a few minutes with him to see helping people buy and sell land is his passion.

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