Elise Bagley

Company: Liberty Land Sales
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Phone: 503-451-5188
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Liberty Land Group is a property investment company that prides itself on quick, professional, easy transactions.

Our Business Model

We scour new areas to find the very best values on land. We make thousands offers, typically buying from a small percentage of those whom we've contacted.

For some reason they no longer want the property. Perhaps the death of a spouse or the property was inherited. The owner owners keep getting a tax bill year after year and don't know what to do with the property.

Most of the time, these properties are too inexpensive for realtors to be interested in listing them. This is where we come in. We purchase these properties at a deep discount, but doing the sellers a favor by removing what to them is just a headache and reselling these properties still at a deep discount (typically 20%-50% below market).

And the best part is, we handle all paperwork. Everyone wins!

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