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Company: Great Southern Land
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Eric first received his real estate license in 1993. He graduated from the University of Alabama in 1984 with a degree in Corporate Finance and Investments. Erics work history includes working as a commercial loan officer with a large regional bank, starting the first commercial alligator farm in the State of Alabama, he appraised real estate (concentrating in commercial and timber/recreational tracts of land), Eric owned an Orvis store and another outdoor retail store, Venture Out, he also has worked as a real estate developer, developing lifestyle centers, power centers, and Walgreens.

A banking mentor said a long time ago about choosing a profession Look at it like a buffet line: go sample some of the different things, and when you find the one that you really like, go for it! It took some time, but Eric finally has found what he enjoys doing the most helping clients buy and sell recreational and timber tracts. Erics background lends itself well to understanding how the numbers work in putting together a real estate deal, but his love and respect for the land helps him to understand the intangible part of investing in land that most people investing in land are also looking for a place to makememoriesthat will last a lifetime and own a sanctuary from the busyness of everyday life.

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