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Company: Mike's Land Sales
Properties: 19
Phone: 815-690-7551


At Mike's Land Sales, our goal is to find land that is unused, underused and/or forgotten by its current owners and buy it at a reasonable price. Then turn around and sell it to someone at a discounted amount - someone that is going to value that piece of land, use it, and appreciate getting a deal on their "perfect" lot.

We have been doing this several years now and have finally found a niche that we believe in and that we enjoy. Something where the land is fun - be it because of its sheer size, or trees, or lake access, or some other feature that gets us as excited about the property as we hope it does to the end owner.

There are three of us that you may contact or be contacted by:
Myself, Mike. I am the data guy that helps our group find these deals and price them below market. And to work with sellers to negotiate the final numbers.

Our transaction coordinator, Derek. He is in charge of marketing the lots, designing the promotional videos and working with buyers.

And then Cory, our sales guy. He found our investors that are allowing us to significantly grow our inventory and to get into these higher price point properties at some amazing prices. He also works with sellers as well to help us add more properties.

Our goal is to continue to improve on all aspects of our buying and selling and marketing so that we can bring people some amazing lots at some even more amazing prices and make both our buyers and sellers as excited about the transactions as we are about the land!

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