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Shonna launched her career at the age of 23. In 2008, she opened her first brokerage, Freedom Real Estate. In 2009, Shonna Graduated from a worldwide auction school. Freedom Real Estate has grown to include offices in four states, as well as Freedom Auction Services. In addition to being a broker for her own firm, Shonna has also had the privilege of being the principal broker for two additional real estate firms. In 2018, Shonna and her team founded Shonna Key Team. She has worked tirelessly to be one of the most respected real estate offices and dedicates her time and energy to improving the lives of each agent and client. Shonna grew up in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, a local track star with two invitations to the Junior Olympics and an undefeated track record. She still holds various cross-country course records. Shonna has always been determined and her drive to excel has made her an ambitious leader and a successful professional, applying her expertise in marketing and negotiating real estate to maximize profit for her buyers and sellers. Prior to real estate, Shonna taught preschool for 3 years. She later went on to work with youth. During her ten years as a youth group leader her motto was, Invite the children in your neighborhood that your mom will not allow you to hang out with. Continuing to be guided by a passion to help others and a strong moral compass, Shonna holds a spotless real estate record and so does every agent that has been under her brokers license. In her spare time, Shonna enjoys spending time with her family, watching movies, and enjoying a slow-paced, simple life. She is a passionate and honest person who loves that her job allows her to constantly change the lives of others for generations to come.

My Favorite Thing About Working in Real Estate Is: It never feels like Im working.

My Favorite Season: Fall - I love the fresh crisp air, watching the leaves change, and getting to wear my cozy sweaters and cute boots.

My Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving My Life Motto Is: Feel the fear and do it anyway.

My Why: It has changed over the years, but one why that has never changed is to have more people come up to my children and say, Because of your mother, my life and the lives of my family members have been changed for generations to come.

My Favorite Candy Is: Sour Patch Kids & ice cream. (Not sure if that counts as candy)

When I'm not Working I: Watch movies or do anything that involves water.

People Who Know Me Would Say I: am passionate, very honest and a dork

My Favorite Book is: The Bible

What Are the Goals You Have for Your Children? I think as a parent you always have things you want your children to accomplish, but its their life and they need to set their own goals and live their own life. While I dont have career or personal goals for my children, I do expect them to keep their faith and stay humble. Apart from that, I just dont want them to have any regrets when they are old.

What Non-Profit Would You Start: My goal has always been to go into schools and be there for the children who arent the teachers pet and who are from less fortunate homes. There is a lot of untapped knowledge and ability in these children and I want to be their biggest cheerleader and advocate for their futures.

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