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Tarrant and Harman Real Estate and Auction Co. is a real estate brokerage that offers a diversified approach to marketing residential, commercial, recreational and agricultural properties. We are capable of listing your property for sale in the traditional fashion or we can strategically put together a 30 day marketing plan for a real estate auction.

We, Tarrant & Harman Real Estate and Auction Co, come from a long line of hard working individuals and we were raised on the fact that a handshake is
stronger than a written contract. No matter what approach you take to selling or buying your property, you can rely on us to be with you every step of the way.
By participating with LandLeader, the internet exposure your property will have is second to none. Our marketing campaigns will consist of reaching the local buyers through newspaper ads, grass root distribution of flyers, targeted postcard mailings, and a series of auction signs in the neighborhood of the sale. In
addition to that, we will advertise your property on over 500 websites.

We hope that you will consider Tarrant & Harman for the sale of your property.

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