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For Zack it goes well beyond being LandCrazy. This guy is guano loco about it! He falls in love with each acre of every mountain and really wishes he had the means to buy up every parcel to place in conservancy. Hes in love with the wild forests and rolling pastures of Western North Carolina and hopes to see them preserved for future generations.


Zack enjoys working with homesteaders and stewards of the land. He admires those that wish to live as our forefathers did; getting back to their roots, unafraid of getting dirty. He yearns for a harmonious connection with the land and is fascinated by ecology. He desires to find his place on earth, instead of demanding a place be adjusted to suit him. He has a neurosis for symbiosis and is constantly pondering his role in the invisible web of systems that are functioning throughout nature.


Every chance Zack gets he spends outdoors. You may find him perched high in a tree taking in distant views, climbing up a random rock face, digging around in the garden with his children, or just sitting in the forest quietly listening to natures sounds and absorbing the surroundings.


Back to real estate. For most realtors its about the dollar, and ultimately price DOES determine purchase, but Zack wants it to be more. He wants it to be about the lust for land and the love of farms. He wants to help provide certainty for the buyer or seller that they are making the best choice. He strives to do his absolute best for every client and pays close attention to details. He is there to listen and help you find something truly unique and special.


He would like to use his passion for land to lead you to your own place of inspiration.

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