Buck Creek Ranch

Daisy OK 74540  |  Pittsburg County, OK
  • $1,950,000
  • 1,240 acres

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Irrigated: No
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Property Description

Buck Creek Ranch is located in Daisy, Oklahoma, on the Indian Nation Turnpike, only 2.5 hours north of Downtown Dallas and 2.5 hours southeast of Oklahoma City. This premier ranch consists of approximately 1,240 acres made up of pasture, mountainous terrain, lakes, and creeks.

The current owners spent years cleaning up the property, buying adjoining tracts of land and building roads and ponds. They have primarily used the ranch for hunting and recreation. This part of Oklahoma supports some of the most prime Whitetail deer and wild turkey hunting in the state. There are also many income opportunities for the owner, including 1000 acres of premium range for grazing livestock.

Parts of the ranch have changed hands only once since the land was deeded from the Choctaw nation in the early 1900s.

Southeastern Oklahoma is fast becoming a destination for weekend ranch and recreational properties as the Dallas metropolitan area expands northward. Texas properties similar to Buck Creek Ranch might cost twice or three times as much, and exceptional properties will only increase in value.
Buck Creek Ranch is located just north of Daisy, Oklahoma and 20 miles east of Atoka, Oklahoma, with the west side of the ranch bordering ample frontage on the Indian Nation Turnpike. The main entrance of the ranch is on Newkirk Road. The ranch is located in Pittsburg and Atoka Counties.

The ranch is just 2.5 hours north of Downtown Dallas, 2.5 hours southeast of Oklahoma City and 2 hours south of Tulsa.
Nearby options for air travel can be found at Atoka Municipal Airport, 30 minutes away. McAlester Regional Airport is a jet-compatible regional airport with a 100x5602ft concrete runway located approximately 30 minutes north of the ranch.
Climate & Agriculture
Daisy has had an average rainfall of 48.42 inches over the last 30 years, which is 9.25 inches more than the average nationwide and 25% more than the average in Oklahoma. The average temperature in Daisy, Oklahoma is approximately 61.5 degrees. (source: WeatherDB)

Ample rainfall yields top-quality forage and hay. Food plots of alfalfa have been grown with good results.

The improvements on Buck Creek Ranch are perfect for the accommodation of numerous guests in several different dwellings.

The Lodge: 1BR/3BA
The main gathering place at Buck Creek Ranch is the lodge which was built under an old pole barn, creating an unique rustic ambiance.

Half the area is outside, with a cement floor covered by the old roof. Plenty of picnic tables surround the barbeque smoker. Double doors lead to the main room inside with a 16 ceiling and a wall of windows that overlook Bald Mountain. A stone and wood fireplace, made with all locally-sourced material covers one corner of the room and rises to the ceiling. A handmade post and beam table with benches seats 12 comfortably. Couches and reclining chairs allow everyone to see the big-screen TV for sports events and movies.

An industrial kitchen with a huge granite-tiled island and corner bar with a cherry wood counter covers an entire side of the room and allows for entertaining while cooking and serving up cold beverages. The main kitchen features an APW Wyott 6-burner commercial cook top, APW Wyott commercial grill, a Pitco stainless commercial deep fryer, and a stainless Frigidaire Gallery microwave. The granite sink includes bronze plumbing fixtures. The kitchen is surrounded by spectacular cabinetry that was hand-made on site.

The bar has glass shelving, a Vinotemp refrigerator and loads of cabinets and storage.

The pantry includes a Scotsman commercial icemaker, a KitchenAid refrigerator and plenty of shelf-space.

Off the main gathering room is a bedroom with a separate full bath. Near the entrance to the main room are two full bathrooms to accommodate guests, including those staying at the RV sites, just across the road.

Outside, towards the mountain, is a large patio area for entertaining with an outdoor fireplace and a large, guitar-shaped fire pit and grill. It is situated for full views of Bald Mountain and late night fires under the stars.
Bunk House: Sleeps 10
The Bunk House is designed to accommodate ten guests with numerous bunk beds, bathroom and kitchenette. There is a fire pit outside with a large rock, patio, and great views of the mountain.
Guest House: 5BR/1BA (Sleeps 20)
The Guest House is newly-refurbished with five bedrooms, one full bath and a living area with microwave, refrigerator, and TV. This is the perfect place to unwind and hit the hay after a long day of hiking, hunting or fishing.
Second Living Quarters: 3BR/1BA
The second living quarters has three bedrooms and one bath. This was the original house for the ranch. It has a new roof and can be used by ranch hands and workers. It has a full kitchen.
8 RV Hookups 30amp & 50amp
For the guests who would like to bring their own RVs, there are eight RV hookups with 30 and 50 amp service.
Future Development
There are several prime building sites close to the mountain for main houses.
Natural Water
Buck Creek Ranch has ten ponds and one large lake of 18 acres at full capacity. The ponds are strategically located and provide water throughout the ranch for stock and wildlife. Buck Creek meanders over two miles throughout the west side of the ranch and has not been dammed. On the east side of the ranch, another un-named creek (that runs through an area of beautiful rock formations called the Garden of Eden) has water in the deepest pools all year. An additional lake was built on the east side of the ranch to provide a good source of water for animals and expand the hunting opportunities in that area.

Since the ranch lies in an area where nearly 43 inches of rain fall annually, water is usually running through the ranch. The ten ponds, which are mostly spring-fed, have never run dry.

Spring Water Water for the ranch is supplied from one of several natural springs high up on the side of Bald Mountain. A 4x4 trail leads to the spring for good access. A spring box collects the water and a steady stream of water flows through a pipe to an 11,000 gallon tank. The water is then fed through a pipe to the lodge and houses. There has always been ample water for everyone.

Water Potential Several lakes could be easily improved, making the dams bigger so that the ponds could hold more water. Most of the ponds were built over existing springs and held water through one of the most severe droughts in Oklahoma history a few years back. One unique area that has not been developed yet is along the base of Bald Mountain. The natural topography would allow for a very large area to be dammed up. Runoff from the mountain could be caught and used for recreation and irrigation.
Mineral Rights
Typical of most Oklahoma ranches, most of the mineral rights were sold off. Approximately 100 net acres of mineral rights will be conveyed.
Income Potential
Buck Creek Ranch has various income producing capabilities year-round. There has been substantial income generated from the hay cuttings, hunting, jeeping, rock crawling and timber. For cattle, there are two areas of pasture land and quality bottom lands. There is plenty of pasture and water for approximately 100 head of cattle, mama/calf pairs, etc. There are many areas of good potential for alfalfa.
Jeeping and Rock Crawling

Because of easy access to the towns of McAlester and Atoka, the Buck Creek area could be developed for residential use. Several small tracts could be sold off for housing development without affecting the value of the main part of the ranch, especially along the county road on the east side of the ranch.

Wildlife & Timber
The diverse ecosystems located in Southeastern Oklahoma hold a wide variety of animals. Otters, beaver and Black bear have expanded their territories into the Buck Creek Ranch area. Bald eagles and many other migrating birds make the area attractive for birders.

Buck Creek Ranch hosts plenty of wildlife on the ranch. The timber and surplus water support a vast population of whitetail deer, black bear, wild hogs, wild turkey, water fowl, bobcat, and dove.

Shortleaf pine trees dominate most of the ranch and has the capability to bring in additional income. Along with the pine, you will find a vast variety of Post Oak, Blackjack Oak, Red Oak, Hickory and Persimmon.
Hunting & Fishing
Southeastern Oklahoma is becoming recognized for its outstanding hunting and fishing.
At Buck Creek Ranch, the whitetail deer herd is in very good shape from 16 years of supplemental feeding and several years of superior acorn crops. Buck Creek Ranch participates in the Oklahoma Deer Management Program (DMAP) and conducts deer counts during the summer to set appropriate harvest levels. In a typical year, the level is set at 25-30 does. Bucks are selectively harvested with preference towards bucks in the 4.5 years or older age group.

The genetics of the deer herd varies widely, but Eastern Oklahoma bucks are noted for tall antlers with kickers off their G-2s. Super dominate bucks can be very large, and are also hard to find. In 2015, a 185 class non-typical that had been seen on Buck Creek Ranch was taken 100 yards from the south fence line. Numerous large bucks have given us the slip, but many hunters go home with a trophy of a lifetime.

The Oklahoma deer seasons last for three and a half months in total, and include archery, muzzleloading, rifle and more archery. This is ample time to be very selective in harvesting. Recently, the use of crossbows has become legal, and can be used for the entire deer season. Using a scope, cross bows are highly accurate and nearly silent. The crossbows have no kick, and are remarkably easy to use, and because of their range, in many ways, are better than guns. Keeping the ranch quiet and providing food plots to hold deer results in phenomenal deer hunting throughout the season.

Of particular interest is the Whitetail pre-rut in October. The bucks are still in bachelor herds and begin to fight. There have been up to three groups of deer sparring in a single open field. As time progresses, the full rut brings on the knock-down, drag-out fights for dominance, which are incredible to witness. This is one reason why Pittsburg County is at the top for archery for the state of Oklahoma.
The turkey hunting at Buck Creek Ranch is truly second to none. There are huge flocks of Eastern turkeys, at times numbering 80 or more. Gobblers can be heard along the base of the mountain and in the creek bottoms and respond well to calling. The size of Buck Creek Ranch lends itself well to run and gun calling, covering a lot of ground and finding the gobblers. Big gobblers can be seen strutting in the many open pasture areas.
Wild Boar
Hunting for wild boar is very good, with good numbers of hogs throughout the area. Massive, old boars with 3 or longer tusks migrate in and out of the area for true trophy hunting. Buck Creek Ranch is surrounded by endless mountainous areas and the animals that migrate into the ranch may have never been hunted, or even seen before.
Waterfowl and Small Game
Buck Creek Ranch has a wide variety of waterfowl and small game. Dove migrate through and can be held with a milo or sunflower crop. The numerous ponds make for great waterhole shooting in the evenings. Canada Geese stay year-round, and the ranch is in the central fly-way with good migrations in October. Duck hunting, especially for Wood Duck and Mallards, is concentrated in the two miles along Buck Creek and near the 18-acre lake in the southwestern corner of the ranch.
The various ponds and lake on the ranch hold very good populations of largemouth bass, and are easily caught because of a lack of pressure. Nearby Lake Sardis is a tremendous fishery, with Walleye, Crappie, Catfish, Black and White Bass. The lake receives little pressure, and is home to 5 out of the top 10 bass in Oklahoma.
The opportunities for recreation at Buck Creek Ranch include hiking, camping, ATV and dirt bikes, rock crawling, and getting back to nature.

Hiking to the top of Bald Mountain at sunset allows for great viewing off to the west, with plenty of time left to hike down before dark. Camping on top of the mountain and watching the sun come up over the Burris Valley is a unique experience. The views are comparable to The Winding Stair Mountain National Forest or many of the vistas in Colorado.

Everywhere you go on the ranch, you are surrounded by nature at its finest. Whether watching Bald Eagles or Harriers, listening to coyotes or calling in turkeys, Buck Creek Ranch continually provides unique experiences.

Equipment to be Transferred with the Ranch
Farm equipment
1 4440 John Deere 130 hp tractor.
1 New Holland hay bailer
1 New Holland hay mower
1 hay rake
1 500 gal. PTO powered spray rig.
1 large disc plow
1 400 gal. heavy duty roller
1 crop roller
1 25 gal. electric 4 wheeler spray rig.
Multiple hand & tractor tools located in a separate equipment barn with work benches
1 3 inch water pump
1 2 inch water pump with irrigation sprayers & hose
Household Items
8 single beds
4 double beds
3 queen beds
3 king beds
All linen for beds
All towels
Several decorative pictures
Several deer mounts
60" wall mounted TV
46" flat screen TV
40" flat screen TV
All furniture & shelving
Pots, pans, serving trays, dishes, glassware
Hunting equipment
15 HCR automatic solar powered deer feeders.
3 HCR protein feeders
3 box blinds
2 tripod stands
12 double seated tree stands all stands are installed near feeders
Battery powered clay thrower
Miscellaneous Items
7 hand made picnic tables
2 hand made dining tables
1 electric smoker
1 large smoker/grill with fire box
2 small pickups

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