John's Hollow Rd.

Elk River Road Procious WV 25164  |  Clay County, WV
  • $4,750
  • 2 acres

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Listing Status: Active
Listing Type: Sale
Property Type(s):
Irrigated: No
Residence: No
Property ID: 7673187

Property Description

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Here's the get-away most have only dreamed about! A place of your own with a future. Not far from Route 79 and shopping

"Stake-it-yourself" - 2 acre very private campsites. Choose your own site on this woodland high above the Elk River. One prime lot is already SOLD! These are camps and initially you'll have to park, hike in along the trail, and set up a tent, yurt or lean-to.

I'm sure everyone's first thought is of building permanent homes and that's good, there's nothing to prevent that... or it's something you might help your kids do. That's why it's offered as approximately two acres - room for some type of septic system. A little smaller or larger is up to you.

Like anywhere else; new owners must be considerate of the other camps and the homes surrounding this property - this is a residential area. Nights here you can hear a pin drop. Days are pretty and mostly calm as well.
The premise here is: like any new community, new owners will meet and work together - forming a co-op or homeowner's association to improve and maintain John's Hollow Rd.

Two acres is a rectangle about 200 ft x 420 ft (or 300 x 300). If you'd like to own a little piece of hillside... here's what you do:

(1) Let me know first, then go out and take a look. Get your bearings; find landmarks, explore the surroundings, hike around and choose a spot to set up camp. There may be others out there - don't be afraid to and say "Hi" and talk some. They might just be your neighbors!

(2) Stake out the lot. The road is intended to loop around on the property. Your lot might be anywhere along the perimeter, or in the center, or part on both sides with the road running through it. The only consideration is that though the lots will own to the center of the road, the "right-of-way" will be 50 feet. You will not be charged for the access road width.

(2) Contact surveyors. I can suggest some. You need to ask ask several what they charge to do a survey based on your stakes. Have them submit bids to my attorney. If you've cleared the lines (line of sight) it shouldn't be too expensive, but it will help determine the area. I'll pay for the survey out of the total price for the lot!!!

(3) Contact my attorney. Tell him you'd like to put money down on the property. This amount will cover the cost of survey.

(4) Notes: Simpler is better. Stakes should be placed so that one can see from one corner to another, or at the very least: to a tree where one can see the next point. Use a long tape measure or wheel to judge distance. Clearing small limbs and wrapping trees on the line with orange tape is very helpful to the surveyor.

Unless you're in the center of the property - with the proposed road running around your lot - you will own to the edge of the property. Either is fine - or the road can run through your lot as well, but no land can be left trapped with-out road access, or cut off smaller than 2 acres.

You'll own to the center of John's Hollow Rd, so 25 ft of what-ever part of your lot hits the road is right-of-way, shared by neighbors across from each other.
The road access is 50 feet wide - even if it crosses your lot and you own on both sides.

(5) Hire the surveyor. Tell him you've flagged the proposed lot and that you would like to make arrangements to met someone out there and go over the points. Give him your attorneys contact information. The surveyor will provide your attorney with information for the deed.

(6) Go to closing, bring the final money (cashiers check) and pick up the deed. It's Yours!

Property Map

Driving Directions

From Charleston; a half hour North on Route 79 (see exit 29 for food, shopping and hardware!) -

Take Exit 34 at Wallback and head South on 36 through Valley Fork to Maysel (about 5 miles). Bear right onto 4 South at Carols Crossroads Best and continue another 3 miles or so; through Paxton and Varneytown and turn left on Elk River / Elkhurst Rd.

The property will be on your left (the high side of the road) and begins just before the first road on your left (Samples Mnt rd, 13/2 or County HWY 5/3, or Long Sam rd - the name changes with the season).
The entrance to the property is about 1500 feet further South and starts in the wash known as John's Branch. The path up is John's Hollow Rd.
With your back to the road facing the wash, the lots are up and to the left. That's also where the parking is. Bring loping shears, a machete or weed-wacker - and go for it! There really shouldn't be more than weeds in the way of getting up to a reasonably flat spot (behind the old out-house) where you can park.
There's also a path leading straight back along the wash. For future reference this is John's Branch-Trail. This is a separate entrance sharing only the last 50 ft to the road. It accesses an interesting high rocky spot in the fork where the two branches come together and contains about 20 acres. Offers will be considered.

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