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230 Phillip Dean Rd. Liberty KY 42539  |  Casey County, KY
  • $349,900
  • 8 acres
  • Bedrooms4 Bedrooms

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Listing Status: Off Market
Listing Type: Sale
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MLS ID: 16017-56570
Irrigated: No
Residence: Yes
Property ID: 8976788

Property Description

Beautiful country home on approximately 8 acres.

230 Phillip Dean Road, Liberty, KY. 42539

The basement walls are8" pour concrete with 3 coats of tar sealer on the outside.

The basement inside is wrapped with 6 mil plastic, stripped with treated 2X2s and insulated with R6 insulation board, then 12" drywall.

The House is built with hardwood (mostly cut, sawed and processed on the home site), It is diagonally boxed (storm boxing) with one inch hardwood - nailed three to the board every 16 inches The house is wrapped with a layer of Tyvex between the studs and the outer boxing, and two layer of Tyvex on the outside of the boxing (Total of three outside wraps). Plus on the inside, between the studs and the drywall, there is a layer of 6mm plastic.

The siding is hurricane strength Dutch Lap and designed to withstand 200 mile/hr. winds. The aluminum trim is fastened with metal roof screws - white coated screws. It will not blow off.

Roof center line is supported by 2 2X8's, crossed braced togetherandsupported from the basement floor in line to the roof.

The metal roof has double screws around the outer edge and a 16 X16 inch pattern in the interior. This is more than twice the normal amount. There is a Tyvex layer between the roof and the sheeting, and in the center of the house there is another layer on the bottom of the rafters. This is extra insulation.

The sub-floor is 1 inch Poplar lumber, nailed diagonally across the floor joist. The area over the front door is supported by 3 2X8's (hat beam) interlocked on both sides with the two joining ceiling joist.

The Walnut beam in the dining area is supported in line to the basement floor. The Beam in the Den is a 20 ft. 14X10 oak supported by two 5X10 columns The walls of the Den are framed with seasoned oak 2X4's.

The Balcony is over the Den area. The Den roof, and Balcony floor, has 3 layers of tar felt joined with tar cement. The Den ceiling/Balcony floor is supports are 2X8 pine.

The Balcony floor is screwed to the floor joist along the outer edge.

The Garage is framed with 2x6 poplar studs and ceiling joist. There is a 11X27 ft. room with carpet, plugs and lights, over the garage.

All ceilings have a minimum of R25 insulation, with most of the ceiling joist overlaid with R13, for a total of R38

All walls (exterior and Interior) are insulated with R13 and the floors are insulated with R13 for sound.

The air ducts are metal and wrapped with the standard R4 with metallic shield. Ducts in the attic are also covered with R13 or R25.

The 2 ton Air Handler located in the attic is enclosed in an insulated enclosure. A 31/2 ton unit serves the main floor and basement. The units deposit and retrieve heat from 5 - 150 feet wells, for a total of 1,500 ft. of pipes in the ground.

The Hot Water tank is heated before the Summer heat is sent to the wells. This produces free hot water during Air Conditioning.

If the 32 ton furnace should need to be replaced, the walls joining the hall are fastened with screws for complete removal, allowing for easy access.

The water well is 150 ft. deep, with approx. 120 gal storage and 15 - 20 gallons per hour refill during the extremely dry past summer. Also city water is available at the main road.

The water is filtered, and then plumed in two systems within the house. All cold water - outside, utility room, lower shower, and both lower commodes are on one line from the filter, and the others areas are on the main line. If one line needs to be closed for repairs, there will still be water available in the home. All hot water above the basement (except the utility room) has a return for cooled water producing continuous warn to hot water at the upper level faucets. This keeps hot water at the main and upper level.

The two flue liners are 8X12 inch. They are free standing with 1/8 to 1/4 inch space on all sides for expansion. Between the liners and the house is a 4 inch solid concrete block plus 1 inch of mortar. The first 10 ft. has metal between the wood and chimney. On the outside there is 6 inch concrete blocks wrapped with field stone. The field stones were gathered for the creeks and streams in Casey County. Metal strips tie the flue to the house, and the field stone to the blocks.

The septic tank is a 1,000 gal., and located at the north-west corner of the house. The laterals (300 ft. +) are located across the road. The washing Machine and sink empty into a gravel filled pit with a 40 gallon tile for collection. There is an overflow pipe from this tile if it should fail to drain. The pit is located behind the house with the 20 ft. overflow into the woods.

Many three-way switches permit lights to be operated from various locations through-out the house. All switches with 2 - 3 switches in the same "box" are on the same circuit and breaker switch.

Smoke alarms are located in all areas, except the kitchens and the wood stove area of the house. These are wired in a circuit and if one alarm goes off, all will sound. Gutters and under the basement drains are piped to the road.

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